Director: Andrew Golledge

Finding Simfeld: A Documentary About Something is Andrew Golledge's fifth short film since graduating from NYU.

Before Finding Simfeld, Andrew Golledge directed Walk With Me which has been pre-selected for the Cinema New York City Film Festival, and will be available to watch publicly in September. Golledge graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a Master's degree in Cinema Studies, and the education has paid off. Walk With Me is a confident, visually stunning exploration of the subconscious, anchored by a commanding performance from star Betty Kaplan. She plays Natalia, a woman whose recurring dream of being followed by a man dressed in black, played by Michael Choe, spills over into her waking life. Her struggle to understand this dream plays out against a frightening, yet beautiful nighttime vision of New York City that looms over the characters in nearly every frame.

Every scene features a different mood - stemming from its music, pacing, lighting - but all merge underneath an escalating tension that builds through breathless editing, from the ominous first scene on an empty midnight bridge in Brownsville all the way to the film's heartbreaking climax underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

Music from composer Dylan Glatthorn and electronica musician Joel Robinson add to the dream-like atmosphere, but don't expect easy answers once the dream ends. Natalia is left changed by it, but in ways even she may not full understand as the film's final shot plays. Recommended!

Watch the trailer for Walk With Me here.