Savannah Brown AKA The Filmmaker

Hello. My name is Savannah Brown. I am a 3rd year film student at the University of New York, where I created a much­-needed concentration: Post­-Colonial African­-American Film Studies for a Post­-Racial America (PCAAFSFAPRA). I am interested in how mainstream media perpetuates negative stereotypes AND how we can instead use the power of film in an empowering way. In short, I’m here to help you see through that oppressive trope of reality in which you live...

Cosmo Kramer AKA The Artist

Cosmo is a world­-renowned corpse actor, and has been a featured body on a variety of television programs and films such as Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Trial By Jury, Law & Order: You the Jury, Exiled: A Law & Order Movie and Full House. He parlayed this experience into a teaching career when he opened The Symposium of Silent Science, a corpse acting school, where he brings the power of death to eager young actors.

Elaine Benes Kramer AKA The Bitch

Elaine is married to Cosmo Kramer, and has been working as the secretary and prop girl for The Symposium of Silent Science since it opened in 2002. She has not done any acting since Simfeld, but is the star of the viral YouTube video, Sad Woman to Make You Feel Better About Your Life.

George Costanza AKA The Fool

George continued his career as an assistant to the secretary of a paralegal. He has been the victim of a series of unfortunate events and accidents but strives to keep a positive attitude despite these struggles. He remembers working on Simfeld fondly even though he was not an actor and only stumbled upon the auditions while trying to get to his dermatologist’s office.

Gerry Simfeld AKA The Genius

Gerry Simfeld has not been seen or heard from since 1989 when he sold the rights to Simfeld to Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. To this day neither Larry David nor Jerry Seinfeld has ever paid Gerry Simfeld his due credit (or royalties). If anyone knows the whereabouts of Gerry Simfeld, please email or reach out on social media: you can Tweet @FindingSimfeld, Instagram @FindingSimfeld or message us on Facebook.